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Fielders AngleCut Brochure

Promotional flyer outlining the benefits of Fielders AngleCut, residential roofing profile.

285 KB
Fielders ARAMAX® brochure

This informative brochure provides information such as: key benefits; examples/photographs of applications; dimensions; section properties; spans; limit state wind pressures.

5 MB
Fielders ColourGuide

This colour guide shows colour availability for: Fielders roofing, cladding, rainwater goods; Centenary patios, carports and veradahs; Dominator fencing.

538 KB
Fielders Fact File: F3.5 - Asymmetric Beams for Fielders SlimFlor® Construction - Beam Selection Tables

This fact file provides quick selection tables for the optimum selection of primary steel beams in a Fielders SlimFlor® floor grid solution.

1 MB
Fielders Fact File: F3.6A - Fire Design of Fielders SlimFlor® Construction (Beams)

This fact file assists designers with designing their Asymmetric Steel Beams for fire conditions. Information contained: Specifications; surface preparation; coating system; product descriptions; service penetrations.

546 KB
Fielders Fact File: F7.5 Costing Case Study: SlimFlor® v Post Tensioned Slabs April 2018

This fact file provides a costing case study comparing Fielders SlimFlor® and ply formed post tensioned slabs in Multi Story Construction.

1 MB
Fielders Finesse® Range Architectural Brochure

This brochure provides profile overview for each of the Finesse® range of premium profiles: Boulevard™, Shadowline™ 305, Prominence™, Neo Roman®, Grandeur®. Also included are exammples and photographs of applications.

2 MB
Fielders Finesse® Range Product Brochure

This brochure provides profile overview for each of the Finesse® range of premium profiles: Boulevard™, Shadowline™ 305, Prominence™, Neo Roman®, Grandeur®. Also included are exammples and photographs of applications.

1 MB
Fielders Freeform™

This brochure provides information such as: dimensions; materials; finishes; profile overview; profile shapes; span specifications.

1 MB
Fielders KF40® User and Installation guide

User and installation guide providing information such as: features, benefits; material specifications; dimensions; temporary propping tables; installation information.

2 MB
Fielders KingFlor® Design Manual - COMPLETE DOWNLOAD

This design manual provides information such as: fire design; corrosion protection; formwork construction; deflection limits; steel beam design; layout; accoustics; specification and design; properties tables; span tables; fire resistance tables; propping tables, installation; trapezoidal profiles; crack control; deep deck profiles.

30 MB
Fielders KingFlor® KF57® Selection Tables

The selection tables in this information sheet are a simple, quick and efficient method of reaching a design solution. From the tables, the designer can obtain the required KF57 gauge, slab thickness, reinforcement and propping requirements. There are 9 tables in this section for the 3 gauges - 0.60mm, 0.75mm and 1.00mm and the three span configurations - simply supported, double span and continuous span [3 or more spans].

161 KB
Fielders KingFlor® KF70® User and Installation guide

This user and installation guide provides information such as: features and benefits; material specifications, dimensions; temporary propping tables.

1 MB
Fielders KingFlor® RF55® User and Installation guide

This user and installation guide provide information such as: installation; temporary propping tables; fasteners and locations; laying; edge trip; reinforcement; features and benefits; material specifications; dimensions.

2 MB
Fielders KingFlor® SlimDek 210™ User Installation Guide

Contains information on Fielders SlimDek 210™ deep deck composite floor system such as features; benefits; material specifications; installation; spans.

970 KB
Fielders KingKlip® 700 brochure

This information brochure provides: dimensions; material specifications; recommended spans.

2 MB
Fielders KingKlip® Smooth Curving

Fielders' uniquely designed KingKlip® profile, the only concealed fix deck to provide a fully formed under and over male and female rib, now can be smooth curved down to 20 metre radius. This brochure contains material specifications; minimum radii; wind load capacity; span tables.

2 MB
Fielders Maitland Sports Ground Project

Fielders were commissioned alongside North Construction & Building and DFS Government Architect Office to deliver the roofing for the Grandstand to meet the design requirement for the new community sporting hub, using ARAMAX® FreeSpan.

522 KB
Fielders Mini-Flute brochure

With a generous 810mm sheet coverage, Mini-Flute is in tune with fast installation. Its profile height also allows for easy trimming using long length matching corner cappings. This brochure provides: dimensions; material specifications; cappings; load span tables; fasteners; curving details.

2 MB
Fielders Panel Fence brochure - Lattice

This flyer provides information on colour range and styles available for Fielders Dominator Fencing range.

1 MB
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