Stylish LYSAGHT ENSEAM® cladding features on prestige home

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Located in the affluent residential neighbourhood of Paddington, 2 kilometres west of the Brisbane CBD, this striking multi-level home features a modern design whose form is enhanced by the rich textures of the various materials – including brick and timber – which have been employed in the build.

Key among these is the LYSAGHT ENSEAM® cladding from Lysaght’s exciting new ZENITH™ range of architectural cladding, which was chosen for the strong linear visual it delivered on walls and soffits in various areas of the home.


  • 450sqm LYSAGHT ENSEAM® cladding in the COLORBOND® steel colour Windspray®
  • Assistance with choice of profile and colour selection
  • Networking support to source installer


Meeting with Rob Gray of Graya Constructions, Lysaght Account Manager Andy Mandla first ran through the five European-inspired profiles available in Lysaght’s new ZENITH™ premium range, leaving samples of LYSAGHT ENSEAM® cladding and LYSAGHT LONGLINE® cladding for consideration as both feature bold ribs which would create the strong linear aesthetic desired in the design.

With LYSAGHT ENSEAM® cladding chosen, colour and finish became the next consideration.

“Initially, Rob was looking at COLORBOND® steel Matt in the colour Monument®, however on further consideration it was felt that standard COLORBOND® steel in the rich grey COLORBOND® steel colour Windspray® would work better to highlight the bold rib of the cladding and also complement surrounding building materials,” Andy Mandla said. “So I arranged for a sample of LYSAGHT ENSEAM® cladding in that colour for Rob to look at in the various places it would be used and the decision was made.”

Lysaght’s support continued when Graya Construction required an installer for the LYSAGHT ENSEAM® cladding who could provide the detailed installation and quality work needed on the high end home – a problem solved when Andy Mandla introduced them to the services of a known and trusted installer, Dc Metal Roofing.

“This project was a good example of how Lysaght offers the complete package to deliver a total solution for our customers. From going out to site with different product samples and colours to support the right choices, to using our network of business associates to recommend an installer, to timely delivery of quality products, we can support a project from start to finish,” Andy Mandla said.

“And this was a great finish; Graya Constructions used the LYSAGHT ENSEAM® cladding for the walls, as a feature, and also for soffits under the ceilings for the patio, so this was a fine example of how the product can be used in various areas of a home to complement various products and finishes. It’s great to see the difference Lysaght makes with the products and the support we give.”


One of five European-inspired profiles available in Lysaght’s new ZENITH™ premium range, LYSAGHT ENSEAM® cladding features broad flat pans and a lower, yet substantial rib, which combine to form a distinct visual dynamic. While possessing clean and striking good looks, LYSAGHT ENSEAM® cladding also has an easy style that makes it a very versatile solution for contemporary architectural designs.


Inspired by the best in European design, Lysaght’s new ZENITH™ range provides a stylish suite of profiles that deliver a striking visual impact wherever they are used.

The LYSAGHT ZENITH™ range is available in the beautiful COLORBOND® steel colour range, the superb COLORBOND® Metallic steel colour range, the expansive colour array of the LYSAGHT YOURCOLOR™ custom colour offer and also in unpainted ZINCALUME ® steel.

For style with peace of mind, every product in the ZENITH™ range has been tested in Lysaght’s NATA accredited facility to ensure it not only adheres to Australian Standards but can also meet the rigorous challenges of Australia’s harsh conditions, even in cyclonic regions.


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