Metroll Megaspan® Purlin & Girts are a range of performance enhanced Z and C purlins. The profile has been optimised to deliver capacity improvements of more than 20% compared with standard purlins and girts. Metroll Megaspan® purlins and girts are used primarily in the design of sheds, and industrial and commercial buildings. Sections are typically used to support roof and wall sheeting in these buildings.

It is important that standard purlins are not substituted for designs from the Megaspan® design manual. Megaspan® is a higher performance section and standard purlins will not deliver the same load capacities.

An online selection tool is available to assist designers, builders and contractors to identify the best Megaspan® section for the job.

Accessories: Met-Lock Bridging system (or Tab-Lok Bridging system in WA) is a comprehensive bridging system developed for fast installation and optimal compatibility with Metroll Megaspan® purlins & girts.

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Metroll Megaspan® Purlin & Girts

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Material Choices

Materials Gauges
Metroll Megaspan purlins and girts are manufactured from high tensile G450, G500 or G550 galvanised steel, with a minimum of Z350 galvanised coating (350g/m2) conforming to AS1397. 3.


  • 1.2 BMT
  • 1.5 BMT
  • 1.9 BMT
  • 2.4 BMT
  • 3.0 BMT


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