XFLAM Panel leads the way in high performance fire resistant panel systems. A syntactic foam core, XFLAM has excellent mechanical strength, superior insulation, low toxicity and is completely recyclable. The high thermal resistance of XFLAM panel reduces heat flow through walls and ceilings leading to reduced energy consumption, comfortable interior conditions and lower environmental impact.

XFLAM is a cellular foam product which uses natural air filled cells to deliver exceptional thermal resistance. The use of natural air ensures absolute safety due to the complete absence of alternative types of gas for cell filling. This ensures the insulation performance of XFLAM remains constant from the day it is made to the end of its service life.

  • Performance - NCC / BCA Compliant and FM Approved
  • Profiles - Metric
  • Thickness - 50mm to 250mm
  • Length - 2,000mm to 25,000mm

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ASKIN Metric XFLAM Roofing

Product detail

Product availability is indicative, contact ASKIN directly to confirm availability.
Cover Width

Variable panel widths between 600mm – 1200mm available upon request, subject to minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Rib Height
Min Roof Pitch
3 degrees
Only applies to roofing applications.
Profile dimensions

Material Choices

Materials Gauges
Please contact ASKIN to confirm colour availability.

COLORBOND® steel - Classic finish

  • 0.40 BMT Internal
  • 0.50 BMT External
  • 0.60 BMT External
  • 0.60 BMT Internal

COLORBOND® Ultra steel

  • 0.50 BMT External
  • 0.60 BMT External

COLORBOND® Intramax® steel

  • 0.40 BMT Internal
  • 0.60 BMT Internal


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