FAQ's – COLORBOND® steel updated colour palette

Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre COLORBOND steel Basalt in a Classic finish

Answers to questions frequently asked by specifiers about the refreshed COLORBOND® steel colour palette.

Why has the COLORBOND® steel colour range been updated?

For more than 50 years, architects, designers and builders have been using COLORBOND® steel to realise their design vision. Regular reviews of the COLORBOND® steel range are key to its continued success. With new trends emerging in terms of how COLORBOND® steel is used across many styles of buildings and applications, it was time to review the palette across the entire COLORBOND® steel range.

BlueScope worked closely with design consultants, key customers and influencers right across the country in a rigorous research, consultation and curation process. This considered process has led to the next evolution of the COLORBOND® steel colour palette. The refreshed COLORBOND® steel core colour range can be seen here.

What are the new COLORBOND® steel colours?

The new colours are Dover White™, Southerly®, Bluegum® and Wollemi®.

There’s been a long-standing philosophy that underpins the colour palette of COLORBOND® steel - its inherent connection with and inspiration from the Australian landscape. This philosophy and commitment remain at the heart of the new palette. More information about the new colours can be found here.

The new colours are all available in a Classic finish, with Bluegum® also being available in a Matt finish. Wollemi® is exclusive to the COLORBOND® steel Fence colours palette.

How can I receive colour samples of the new colours?

Colour charts and colour swatches for the COLORBOND® steel core colours are available to order free of charge on colorbond.com. Colour charts are also available to view online or download. If you require profile samples, we recommend speaking to your preferred COLORBOND® steel supplier.

When will the new colours be available?

BlueScope has commenced production of the new COLORBOND® steel colours and rollformers and panel manufacturers are introducing the colours into their range of roofing, walling, rainwater and fencing products. Please contact your preferred COLORBOND® steel supplier for details about the availability of specific products.

What colours have been removed from the COLORBOND® steel core colour range?

Cove®, Mangrove® and Terrain® have moved to the COLORBOND® steel secondary colour range. We recommend you discuss availability with your preferred COLORBOND® steel supplier.

Can I specify other colours than what is shown in the COLORBOND® steel core colour range?

Yes, the COLORBOND® steel Studio gives you the freedom to realise your design vision. Choose from a large range of colours, all with the durability you have come to love.

The COLORBOND® steel Studio is designed for architects and designers working on large commercial and industrial projects. We recommend speaking to your COLORBOND® steel supplier for information regarding available applications, profiles, pricing, minimum order quantities and indicative lead times for your chosen colour and finish.

Are COLORBOND® steel Matt and COLORBOND® Metallic still available?

Yes, COLORBOND® steel is available in a number of finishes in the core colour range - including Classic finish, Matt finish and Metallic finish. The core colours available in each finish can be seen here.

What colours are available in COLORBOND® Ultra steel and SUPERDURA® Stainless steel?

COLORBOND® Ultra steel is designed for severe marine environments1. It is available in 7 core colours in a Classic finish and other colours may be available on request.

SUPERDURA® Stainless steel is BlueScope’s ultimate prepainted steel product for corrosion resistance and weatherability. It is designed typically for use within 100m of the severe environment1 and is available in 4 popular colours.

Where can I find RGB and Hex values for the COLORBOND® steel colours?

RGB and Hex values are available for the COLORBOND® steel core colours here. Simply toggle between Thermal Values and Colour Values at the top of the page. In addition, RGB and Hex values are available for all colours in the COLORBOND® steel Studio.

Was consideration given to Solar Absorptance and ‘Cool roofs’ in the new COLORBOND® steel colour palette?

Yes, BlueScope has been conscious to provide a range of lighter colours with low solar absorptance which may help improve the thermal comfort of our homes and create cooler urban communities.

What are the Solar Absorptance and Solar Reflective Index values for the new COLORBOND® steel colours?

Thermal values including Solar Absorptance and Solar Reflectance Index have been updated for the COLORBOND® steel core colour range and are available here on STEEL SELECT®.

Why have the thermal values2 changed for COLORBOND® steel colours?

At BlueScope, we continually innovate to improve our COLORBOND® steel products. In conjunction with our refreshed 2022 colour palette, we have conducted a solar absorptance (SA) testing program on COLORBOND® steel in the core colours in Classic, Matt and Metallic finishes, COLORBOND® Ultra steel in the core colours and COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel and have updated nominal values based on this testing.

Some values have increased and some have decreased as a result of product innovation over time. The solar reflectance index (SRI), which is a calculated value using the product’s SA and thermal emittance, consequently, may also be different from previously published values. These values are located on the back of our new 2022 colour swatches, brochures and BlueScope websites. For further information please see our colours page or contact BlueScope.

What is the change to the COLORBOND® steel warranty?

BlueScope is excited to announce a longer warranty against corrosion to perforation of up to 45 years for COLORBOND® steel roofing applications3. For further information please visit the BlueScope warranty website or contact your BlueScope representative for any questions regarding warranty changes.

I missed the Compass 2022 virtual event and the launch of the new COLORBOND® steel colour palette. Where can I find out more?

We don’t want you to miss out on the inspiring and valuable insights shared at the event, or COLORBOND® steel’s reveal of the new colour palette - a significant and exciting new chapter in the ever-evolving COLORBOND® steel story. You can access the Compass event content here or please speak to a BlueScope representative. We’re here to support you with details regarding our new COLORBOND® steel palette and would love to assist you in any way we can.

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BlueScope - November 2022

Trademark Acknowledgements

COLORBOND®, SUPERDURA®, Coolmax® and ® colour names are registered trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. ™ colour names are trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited, ABN 16 000 011 058.


Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre. Roofing colour: COLORBOND® steel Basalt® in a Classic finish. Photographer: Robert Burnett


  1. For further guidance on choosing the right product for your project please refer to BlueScope Technical Bulletins 1A and 1B. Absolute performance is subject to local conditions including, but not limited to, prevailing winds, and presence of unwashed areas. Distance is as measured from the high water/tide mark.
  2. Solar absorptance (SA) and solar reflectance index (SRI) are nominal values based on new product. SA is measured in accordance with ASTM E 903-96, ‘Standard Test Method for Solar Absorptance, Reflectance, and Transmittance of Materials Using Integrating Spheres'. SRI is determined in accordance with ASTM E1980-11, ‘Standard Practice for Calculating Solar Reflectance Index of Horizontal and Low-Sloped Opaque Surfaces’.
  3. Warranty subject to application and eligibility criteria. For full Terms and Conditions and to determine the eligibility of your building for the warranty, visit warranties.bluescopesteel.com.au