BVN wins at the 2021 National Architecture Awards

Land 121 Facilities project Lavarack Barracks - Architect BVN - featuring Zincalume steel- commercial architecture

Architectural firm, BVN has won the COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture at the Australian Institute of Architects’ 2021 National Architecture Awards, for the LAND 121 Facilities Project at Lavarack Barracks in Townsville, Queensland. The project also took out the National Award for Commercial Architecture.

The LAND121 Facilities project provides new and upgraded facilities throughout Australia (from Hobart to Darwin) to support the introduction, operation and deployment of the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) new vehicle fleet.

At Townsville’s Lavarack Barracks, the project provided a new precinct for the 3rd Combat Services Support Battalion and comprised a total of nine buildings including offices, workshops, warehouses, stores, training facilities, vehicle shelters, and amenities.

The largest element is a 200m long workshop building that gathers a number of different Army units in one shared facility. These are organised around a large breezeway which enhances a mixed-mode ventilation strategy, designed to maximise natural light and cooling airflow.

ZINCALUME® steel cladding and roofing (in Stramit Speed Deck Ultra® profile) was selected for its low maintenance properties and is contextual with other recent projects at Lavarack Barracks, resulting in a consistent visual aesthetic to all buildings at the Barracks. The ZINCALUME® steel cladding is fundamental to the architectural expression, whilst also being functional and cost effective.

The design team at BVN, led by Principal Architect David Kelly, aimed to create a precinct imbued with a quiet sense of dignity and composure to convey respect and value to Australian Defence Force personnel working on site. 

“LAND 121 was a very collaborative project between our architectural firm BVN, Lendlease, and the Department of Defence. Doing design projects with real social value is always particularly rewarding and this has been just such an undertaking.”
(David Kelly, Principal Architect BVN)

For LAND 121, BVN created a design that provides care and protection from the harsh natural conditions, encouraging connection, and providing generous space for working conditions. It also brings an environmental mindset to the precinct, connecting personnel to the elements and sheltering them from its extremes.


Photographer: Scott Burrows
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