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STEEL PROFILE® celebrates the very best in architectural design and construction using steel solutions. We are seeking submissions that showcase the innovative use of steel in a broad range of buildings including residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, government and civic applications.

STEEL PROFILE® is a BlueScope publication and therefore we are seeking projects containing products made from BlueScope steel. It should also be a new or recently completed project, preferably one that hasn't appeared in other publications. Your project submission will be reviewed by the Editorial Advisory Panel for STEEL PROFILE® (consisting of architects and representatives from BlueScope), who will determine which projects should be featured in the next editions. If you're successful, the STEEL PROFILE® team will get in touch with you to arrange an interview and photoshoot of the project.

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Additional Questions

Can a STEEL PROFILE® writer and photographer tour and photograph the project if it is selected for publication?
Has this project been accepted for publication or appeared in other architectural magazines (e.g. Architecture Australia, Architecture Review, Indesign, Monument, etc.)?
Are consultants or contractors who were involved in the construction willing to contribute details about their role in the project?

Products Used

Can you verify that the products used were made from BlueScope steel?

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