Throws Pavilion - Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre

Used in this project

ARCPANEL Smartek Panel
COLORBOND® steel - Classic finish
ARCPANEL Smartek panel made from COLORBOND® steel Shale Grey® contributes to cooling benefits for athletes at the National Throws Centre of Excellence in Queensland.

Project background

The National Throws Centre of Excellence at the Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre (QSAC) is a specialised training facility for discus, shot put, javelin and hammer throw. It provides world-class training and performance support for athletes preparing for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brisbane.

The facility, funded through the Queensland Government, Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS), Athletics Australia and the AIS with support from Stadiums Queensland, stands as a test case for the economical delivery of sustainable sports facilities. It aligns with the Queensland Government's commitment to hosting climate-positive Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2032.

Design and materials

Designed as a carbon-neutral building, the modestly scaled Throws Pavilion enables athletes to train year-round in the sub-tropical climate condition, irrespective of the weather conditions. The design features open, natural ventilation to help minimise environmental impact.

The Phillips Smith Conwell design is deeply rooted in athletic function, connecting movement with structure and built form. It includes three distinct building shapes - a linear strip was created to accommodate the javelin's run-up and throw, while a cone-shaped structure captures the helical spin characteristic of discus and hammer throws. A flat plane was designed to represent the pushing motion involved in shot put events.

ARCPANEL was approached by Queensland Stadiums seeking cost savings for the new facility. The 125mm Smartek panel enabled a span of close to 6m between the supports which resulted in less materials and a fast installation time compared to conventional roofing applications. Its modern, yet simple square-corrugated design, paired with custom flashings, contributed to a streamlined appearance to give the roof a sleek, clean finish.

Cool roofing

COLORBOND® steel in the colour Shale Grey® was used on this project due to its low solar absorptance (SA value = 0.44) which was an important design consideration due to the hot Brisbane climate. The thermal performance of the ARCPANEL insulated roof system, combined with the COLORBOND® steel cool roof colour and open ventilation, helped to provide cooling benefits for the athletes.

ARCPANEL in conversation with James Dickson from Hutchinson Builders

Where do you feel the biggest savings are using the Arcpanel roofing system?

The large spans meant a reduction in the amount of structure. As it is a complete roofing system, the panel saves a lot of time on labour. And in addition to the cost benefits, the product was insulated which was an advantage for this application.

ARCPANEL comes with a lot of in-house support - what value did this offer the project?

The roofers whilst they are great at their job, can’t be expected to know every single system inside and out. The technical support we received from ARCPANEL was great. They assisted with brackets for the lighting which saved us time on site figuring out what to do. Knowing the exact time the panels were arriving was beneficial to keeping on track with our program.

What were some of the unique characteristics of the project?

We were able to use a custom flashing that gave the roof a more streamlined look rather than the typical flat edge flashing. Being able to conceal the services within the panel left a really clean finish on the underside.

What were the benefits of using ARCPANEL on this project?

Long spans are a benefit. The complete all-in-one system - roof, ceiling, soffits, and insulation. Bespoke details were also a benefit, a complete prefinished product that was easy to install. The panel’s spanning capability and prefabricated design meant we were able to take advantage of the reduced procurement of materials, space required on-site and installation time. The overall result was a cost-effective, insulated roofing alternative that met the strict criteria for this high-performance sporting facility.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Throws Pavilion is designed to nurture generations of Australian athletes. It stands as a unique and state-of-the-art training facility, providing consistent conditions for athletes to train irrespective of the weather conditions.





Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre (SAFS Throws)

Project Location

Nathan, QLD

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Phillips Smith Conwell Architects


Hutchinson Builders


Dowbury Roofing


Award for Public Architecture – AIA 2023 Queensland Architecture Awards

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