Inspirational designs that utilise TRUE OAK 'DEEP' 21mm

Images of projects using TRUE OAK DEEP 21mm profile.

Revolution Roofing showcase projects that feature TRUE OAK 'DEEP' 21mm roofing & walling. The profile is 40% deeper than standard corrugated, has the ability to go down to a 3 degree pitch, is much stronger underfoot and is far less susceptible to denting by foot traffic than standard corrugated.

The versatility of the True Oak Superior Corrugated ‘Deep’ 21mm profile is on display in a variety of finishes, colours, styles and configurations.

By re-engineering the shallow corrugated profile Revolution Roofing offers a stylish option which features additional strength and better water carrying capacity.

True Oak ‘Deep’ 21mm has the ability to be installed to a lower pitch of 3 degrees and the security of the longest pierced fixed watertight guarantee in Australia, 20 years.

True Oak ‘Deep’ 21mm is the ideal choice for specifiers looking for smart finish for any project.

Not only is it a stronger product than shallow corrugated, it’s deeper, rounder profile offers interesting patterns of light and shade as the sun moves overhead.

Benefits of True Oak ‘DEEP’ 21mm

  • 76mm x 21mm corrugation for a 762mm coverage.
  • Suitable for roofing, walling and fencing applications.
  • 40% deeper and 40% stronger than standard shallow corrugated.
  • The profile is much stronger underfoot and is far less susceptible to denting by foot traffic.
  • Available in Z600 heritage galvanised 8 and 10 flute cover.
  • Capability to go down to a 3 degree roof pitch.


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