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Developed and manufactured by BlueScope, DECKFORM® steel is a zinc-coated hi-tensile product specifically designed for use in structural formwork and steel decking applications in the building and construction industry. Proper design, specification and installation of decking made from DECKFORM® steel will ensure many years of effective service.

DECKFORM® steel delivers excellent durability and corrosion protection and is available in a wide range of decking profiles from leading manufacturers.  Steel decking products made from DECKFORM® steel are suitable for use in a variety of formwork and composite slab applications including commercial buildings and multi-level carparks, as well as residential construction and provide excellent strength and project efficiencies.

A variant of DECKFORM® steel, Low Glare Coated DECKFORM® steel (also known as LGC DECKFORM® steel), is available with a thin blue resin coating on one side only which reduces reflected light and glare, whilst also trapping almost 90% of harmful UV-B.