Stramit launches CapacityPLUS™ 660 in New South Wales

Stramit launches CapacityPLUS™ 660 in New South Wales

The New South Wales building industry will have access to an innovative and economical roofing profile with high water carrying capacity following Stramit’s decision to manufacture CapacityPLUS 660 at its Erskine Park operations.

Stramit National Innovation and Technical Services Manager John Bull said the decision to launch the profile in New South Wales was in response to the National Construction Code’s (NCC) reclassification of the design rainfall intensities across Australia.

“The NCC’s review highlighted that parts of New South Wales - in particular, northern New South Wales - experience some of the highest rainfall events in Australia,” Mr Bull said.

“We are confident this product will provide the roof design solution that architects and engineers are looking for to ensure compliance in high-intensity rainfall areas.”

Mr Bull confirmed the 50mm high ribs of the profile supported excellent water carrying capacity and additional strength, enabling design and construction efficiencies.

“Cost savings in building structures ranging from commercial developments to home improvement projects can be realised because CapacityPLUS™ 660 can accommodate roof pitches as low as 1 degree,” Mr Bull said.

“The rigidity of the ribs provides additional spanning capacity and therefore the potential to reduce the number of required purlins or supports in the structure.

“Combine these advantages with a profile that packs flat for efficient transport, and screw fixed for fast handling and laying, and you have an economical  roofing solution that helps save time and money.”

CapacityPLUS™ 660 is available in a full suite of colours and materials to suit high rainfall areas, including ZINCALUME® steel, COLORBOND® steel and COLORBOND® Ultra steel.

CapacityPLUS™ 660 has been available in Queensland since 2017.



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