NCC 2022 – Steel Wall Cladding

Lantern House featuring cladding made from COLORBOND steel Surfmist in a matt finish

Guidance on good practice and NCC 2022 compliance for the installation of steel wall claddings.

To help support the construction industry, The Australian Steel Institute (ASI) and the National Association of Steel-framed Housing (NASH) have jointly developed a series of resources exploring ways to meet the latest National Construction Code (NCC 2022) and providing general good practice guidance. Each topic includes a PDF download with how-to details, common installations and a video presentation.

The Steel Wall Cladding topic provides industry guidance on good practice and NCC 2022 compliance when designing and installing steel wall cladding in residential and commercial settings. It includes:

  • An introduction to single-skin wall cladding products and clarification of common industry terminology.
  • Good practice guidance for single-skin cladding products. This includes functional requirements such as weathertightness, moisture management and structural support of systems conforming to AS1562.1
  • NCC 2022 compliance pathways and references for single skin wall cladding systems for non-cyclonic areas.
  • Guidance on typical flashings including common flashing terminology and fixing details.
  • Examples of wall system detailing and common flashing installation details are provided with easy-to-understand diagrams.
  • Guidance for insulated sandwich panels in relation to design and weatherproofing, with reference to NCC 2022 requirements and onsite storage and handling.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, steel wall claddings provide functional benefits such as weather resistance, durability and non-combustibility. Correct detailing and installation of flashings and membranes are key to weatherproofing a wall cladding system.

The guidance collates existing content available in manufacturers' literature and provides industry-endorsed, best-practice guidelines for designing and installing steel wall claddings. Please refer to other topics in the ASI series for bushfire construction, condensation management, ventilation and energy efficiency requirements.

The information will interest a wide range of construction industry stakeholders including manufacturers, designers, installers, builders, developers, and certifiers.

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January 2024

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