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Residential roof COLORBOND steel Surfmist in a Matt finish and corrugated profile

As one of Australia’s largest manufacturers, BlueScope is committed to an ongoing program of collaboration, research, and development to bring industry leading innovation to COLORBOND® steel products.

Their protective coating technologies - many exclusive to BlueScope and including proprietary intellectual property - combine with COLORBOND® steel’s inherent strength and durability to offer a truly versatile and high performing design solution.

For instance, COLORBOND® steel’s Thermatech® technology increases the solar reflectance properties of COLORBOND® steel and helps keep buildings cooler in the daytime.Thermatech® technology is available in each colour in the COLORBOND® steel core roofing and walling palette (in the Classic and Matt finish), including darker colours, with the exception of Night Sky®.

Over many years, the COLORBOND® steel palette has evolved to offer a larger choice of lighter colours. This has been consistent with BlueScope’s understanding of the importance that lower solar absorptance roofing products can have on the energy efficiency of buildings.

The recent expansion of the cool roofing core colour range, (now including Dover White™ and Southerly®) demonstrates BlueScope’s commitment to innovation and the development of smart solutions that support more sustainable outcomes.

“As the world rises to meet the challenges of changing climate and energy conservation and decarbonisation, technology continues to reshape the way our urban environments are designed, built, and managed.” – Melissa Barlow, Group Marketing Manager, BlueScope

There are now eleven cool roofing colours in the COLORBOND® steel core colour range and additional colours are available in the COLORBOND® steel Studio on special order.

Like all COLORBOND® steel products, the cool roofing colours, coatings and protective systems have been developed and proven through a longstanding outdoor exposure and accelerated laboratory testing program. This program replicates some of the harshest climate conditions in both natural and built environments around Australia.

Together with the testing regime, BlueScope is proud to have worked in close collaboration with global coatings suppliers and key stakeholders such as commercial architects, specifiers, and builders to continually improve the durability and performance of their products.

  1. Results will depend on roof colour, roof shape, level and location of insulation, type, location, shape, and function of the building.

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Residential roof, Long Jetty NSW - COLORBOND® steel Surfmist® in a Matt finish

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